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Grace and Manner

I was hoping you would do me a big favor. I am planning on entering the JASNA 2001 essay contest. Would you please read my essay (if you have time) and then let me know what you think should be changed and how well/if it answered the essay questions. Thank you so much!

Essay theme for 2001:

Music and Dancing In Jane Austen's Novels and the Film Adaptations.

Your essay of 1200 to 2000 words should contain personal, original insight into Jane Austen's artistry, ideas and values.  It should not be primarily a research paper.  We are seeking jargon free writing and fresh approaches to Austen.  Please also include a statement about the individual or teacher most influential in teaching you to appreciate literature, particularly Jane Austen.

Essay Questions:

  1. What do you think that Jane Austen intended to convey about the characters, plot or themes of the novel by using music and/or dancing?
  2. Explain how and why seeing the dancing and hearing the music in the screen versions of the novels either adds to or detracts from your understanding and/or appreciation of the corresponding scenes in the books.  Provide specific examples. | Laura's Essay | Back to Sauerscrapbook