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What are my options?

Seattle and Surrounding Area Resources
The Seattle Cancer Care Alliance's list of Hat, Scarf, Turban and Wig links.

Hat info from Lymphoma Info
Links, suggestions and Tips from the Lymphoma info Center. Hat and wig buying tips, Adult and Children's Cancer info and research.

The American Cancer Society
Research cancer, treatments and options at the American Cancer Society's page. Find support, service options and more. Help them fight for a cure!

Breast Cancer Info, UK
Breast Cancer care, information and frontline news. Learn about fundraising, Hat and Wig options, search their Professional Resources archive and chat with other patients.

Hat suppliers across the U.S.
The University of Virginia Health System's Cancer Center. A list of Hat and Wig suppliers across the United States and Canada.

Hats and Wigs, UK
Extensive tips, links, and information on Wigs, Hats and finding the right one for YOU.

Hair Loss Info
Welcome to Your source for hair loss, baldness, alopecia, excess hair growth, and treatment information!

Info on Hair loss and Skin Changes
The Queensland Cancer Fund provides a turban and wig service for people who have lost their hair as a result of treatments for cancer. Also, assistance with side effects of Cancer Ttreatment: hair loss and skin changes. Visit for information and tips.

Cancer and
A terrific site with info for patients, employers and co-workers of Cancer Patients. Includes info on looking good, working through your illness, paperwork help, and more.

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